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About Company

Streloy E-commerce – service for delivery of electronic components from the international Suppliers to the Russian customers, end users (manufacturers, developers). 

= direct sales for International Suppliers on Russian market


Streloy E-commerce provides drop shipment on Russian purchaser`s demand. 

Streloy E-commerce provides full transaction support «door to door»:

  • Complex service of foreign trade relations (direct contracts with foreign distributors)
  • Logistic service (our own logistic operator with truck fleet and consolidation warehousing in Finland and Germany)
  • Customs cleaning service (our representatives work at the main customs terminals)
  • Financial service
We give the possibility to integrate your web-services with our e-platfoms!

Every stage of cargo transportation can be controled by using Streloy online platform, obtaining current information about delivery status. 




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